Iím not much of a designer.
My sister is the designer in the family.
However, I love playing with the Internet.

Please feel free to take any of the graphics
for your journal, weblog or website.
They are freeware careware.
Do a good deed today.

Share and enjoy!

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Graphics for Others
Secret Pals III

Calendar Knitters
This set is my little birthday present to everyone.
The yarn color is taken from monthly birthstones.
Please send me any month/yarn recommendations; I will create a new button, with appropriate credit.

January Muench Bergamo
Garnet (3902)
February Classic Elite Imagine
Passion Purple
February Jo Sharp DK Pure Wool
Amethyst (503)
March Debbie Bliss Merino Aran
Aquamarine (201)
March Knit Picks Yarns
Sky (23724) for Abigail
April Berroco "Sizzle Bright" Yarn
Highlight (1688)
April Karabella "Gossamer" Yarn
White with Gold (6300)
May Trendsetter Eyelash
Emerald (42)
May Trendsetter Eyelash
Emerald (42)
June Berroco "Jewel FX"
Pearls (6901)
July Rowan Cotton Tape
Sharp (549)
July Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky
Ruby (180) for Kim
August Knit One Crochet Too Moulin Rouge
Peridot (532)
September Cascade Lana D'Oro
Sapphire (2222)
September Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool
Midnight Sapphire
October Koigu
October Opal Hand Painted Collection Yarn
November Knit One Crochet Too Tartalette
Topaz (851)
November Manos del Uruguay Solid
Topaz (X)
December Karabella Aurora 8 yarn
Turquoise (1547)
December NORO Cash Iroha yarn
Turquoise (87)
December NORO Sumile yarn
Turquoise (03)

Bad Ass Knitter
This graphic is dedicated to Wendy,
the ultimate bad-ass knitter.
Read and live her bad-ass knitter manifesto.
I used the same font that is used for Kill Bill.
It seemed appropriate.

Text used with permission.

I Love Felting
I made these one night at 3am, when I couldn't sleep. I was giddy and exhausted and wanted to share my love of felting.

I Love Felting I Love Felting
I Love Felting I Love Felting